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A Manual of Acupuncture - Point Cards


The new set has 75 more cards/points (for a total of 380 cards) than the original set (305 cards). It now includes ALL the 14 channel points and ALL the extra channel ("miscellaneous") points, rather than the original 305. It also come Více...

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A Manual of Acupuncture - Point Cards

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with a larger, very sturdy carton to accommodate the greater number of cards.

The front of each card presents a dedicated illustration of the point showing its anatomical location. The anatomical drawings are taken from the book, and are of exceptional quality. The back of each card presents the English and Chinese names (in both pinyin and Chinese characters), the special categories or groupings to which the point belongs, the principal actions and clinical indications, and advice about locating and needling the point, including precautions.

Additional cards illustrate the cun (unit) measuring system, needling directions, tables of point categories, and a glossary of terms. The cards are boxed in a handsome, sturdy, and easy-to-access storage case with tabbed dividers.

For point location study and quick reference, these 384 cards depict the major points on the 14 channels as well as many of the extra points, for a total of 391 points. The front of the card presents an illustration of a single point with its anatomical position. The back of the card presents the English (non-WHO standard) and Chinese names (both Pinyin and characters), point categories, actions, clinical applications, and location tips. Separate cards include information on cun measurements, needling directions, and a term glossary. There is a table of point categories, including the five-phase points. This is an attractive set of full-color cards, luxuriously produced and housed in a sturdy cloth-covered box with tabbed dividers.


Illustrations: Exceptional

386 Cards

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